After spending many years in the corporate world and then running my own business, I realised how our current systems are so out of date as they continue to widen the wealth gap.

Wars, hatred, division, creative accounting due to FEAR
False Evidence Appearing Real. This creates a chain reaction with stock markets crashing, banks, pension funds losing billions with toxic loans for taxpayers to settle their mess.

So here is one solution that makes perfect sense from Mahatma Gandhi’s quote which should inspire all of us:

“You can be the Change, you want to see in the world.”

Tim Berners Lee, Inventor of World Wide Web says:

“A good business is guided by more than simply the
bottom line. It’s guided by principles about what it’s trying
to achieve in the world, and where it is trying to fit in,
to the betterment of humanity.”

Paul Williams on getting ready for transformation:

“We are on the verge of the new age, a whole new world.
Human consciousness and our mutual awareness is going
to make a quantum leap. Everything will change,
just as soon as you are ready.”

2010 is a very exciting time for humanity for many reasons as Great minds and Big Hearts are coming together to share collaborate with innovative solutions that are designed to heal and nuture peoples lives.

Unless we learn to heal by working with more farmers and gardners who nuture peoples talent, gifts etc.we will have missed a golden opportunity to unify celebrating our diversity and differences.

On my journey for transformation I have been blessed to meet some amazing legends of our time like Nobel Prize Winners: Desmond Tutu, Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Prof. Wangari Maathai. They all walk their talk and make things happen with action leading by example and making a big difference.

As a Social Business Entrepreneur I am passionate about collaboration.
I help to co-ordinate synergy events, projects and services that add value to peoples lives.

CTIARA was created to ensure that others do not suffer from such delays, mis-understanding due to so many conflicts etc.

CTIARA now collaborates with other ethical, synergy partners harnessing Compassion, Trust, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Authenticity so we can serve our business and communities better.

CTIARA Mission is to set up a Due Diligence Team adopting best practices so we can unleash our creative spirit, talent with purpose and passion in a more caring and compassionate way.

Now our Vision is to Unify like minded change agents by being more transparent with no hidden agenda that divides people.

To learn how we do this visit CTIARA and 21st Century Network links.