Ashtiani’s Life Saved

Ashtiani was originally going to be stoned to death but thanks to support fromĀ  petitions she is still in jail. How can we allow this kind of barbaric acts to continue in a civilized world?

Why do so many of our leaders fail to grasp the power of forgiveness and compassion that is the best way forward to heal lives not destroy them?

Please sign and forward this petition asap:

One Response to Ashtiani’s Life Saved
  1. William St John
    September 3, 2010 | 11:59 PM

    These ignorant, poorly-educated mullahs are the fundamentalists of Islam and, like fundamentalists in all religions, their knowledge & understanding of the faith they claim to represent is very limited. Thus their bigotry is passed on to the next & the next generation of poor boys plucked from the fields and given the priestly cloak of respectability. Because they feel their own ignorance, these mullahs re-inforce themselves by brute power instead of intelligent leadership.As the gap in education & sophistication between the people of Iran & their mullahs continues to widen, the mulllahs will resort more & more to brute force rather than finding the humility to admit their inadequacies.

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