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Be Inspired Today with Nick

Whenever you come across people who complain about life etc. please share this powerful link from one of my mentors who inspires me daily: The Amazing Nick born without limbs: More info about Nick and his Awesome Mission in life to heal others he comes across with his many gifts and extra-ordinary talent of living a ...

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Being Grateful & Extra-ordinary Everyday.

We often take our life and blessings for granted and so it is so inspiring to come across Nick Vujicic a giant of a man who shines his light brightly with people he comes across everyday. Nick Vujicic attitude serve as a great examples of the celebration of life over limitations. He says: The human spirit can handle much ...

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Ashtiani’s Life Saved

Ashtiani was originally going to be stoned to death but thanks to support fromĀ  petitions she is still in jail. How can we allow this kind of barbaric acts to continue in a civilized world? Why do so many of our leaders fail to grasp the power of forgiveness and compassion that is the best ...

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